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Joanna Tokarczyk began her art education in 1992 at Antoni Kenar High School of Fine Arts in Zakopane. She chose to study artistic furniture making, which developed her spatial awareness and tridimentional thinking. She spent 5 years in this inspirational area, where she had the freedom to self-develop her experiences and creative processes. This famous school, in Zakopane is a unique place where local highlanders, strong-minded, determined people come to study, along with other artistic students looking for their individual path of talent. Joanna’s combination of hard work and creative imagination has enabled her to express her inner emotions and feelings through different artistic media, and through her experiences, she lives with an openness to the many diverse experiences of life.  life.                                            Fascinated by the immense potential of new technology, Joanna decided to go to Pozna? to study computer graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts. During that time she has experience of painting in the studio of the Krakovian artist, Professor Jacek Walto?. In 2004 Joanna achieved her master's thesis, gaining top marks in the specialisation of Graphics and Multimedia Communication.




SIZE:27.5"x 27.5"
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SIZE:31.5"x 31.5"
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SIZE:31.5"x 27.5"
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SIZE:27.5"x 31.5"
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SIZE:20"x 27.5"
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SIZE:28"x 31.5"
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